Swap Winter Steelhead Swap 1


Tying a Babine Sucking Leech... should be fun for my first articulated... doing a lot of research and learning... I will make sure to get you guys some good looking flies
Definetally Ben! Im getting my line (w/o tips) and rod and reel probably tommorow and I cant wait to try them out! I lost your number but I was gonna call and see if you wanted to go for chums and/or steel. But anytime your free and when im not in school then id love to go!
Here's what I'm submitting:
Very nice! i just started my first one sinse i just got my materials and boy oh boy, im not even done and its tooken my 15minutes already. definetly one of the hardest one that i tied. it seems so damn simple though!
ill post pics a little later.

Ed Call

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Ben, you're gonna have to send me that pattern recipe. I'm going to have to tie some of those in this color or that color. Interesting multicolor dubbing too, what is it?
the picture doesn't give the fly justice, and i think i used the wrong color for the head, definitely not one I'm using for the swap.

View attachment 25296

and i guess the magic number is 10. no need to tie 12 flies unless you really want to... so get tying guys and try to post some pics of your flies.

Clint F

Fly Fishing Youth
Just wondering, is the swap closed at 10 people or not? I am wondering if I can send my flies in. Also I need an address. If I dont want one of my own back it is 9 flies I send in correct?


Ed Call

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WFF Supporter
Thanks to you both. I have neither of those materials in my collection...I'll have to add it to the list. I like that mixed coloration. (Great color blending has worked for me in the past...Steve, Islander's Camo Carey Special, great color blending, should be illegal!)

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