Swap Winter Steelhead Swap 1

Trevor Thorp

Happy to be home in the NW
Mine will be sent tomorrow. Had a busy week and didn't get to finish until today. I use priority mail so it will be there sat. or mon. at the latest.
i need them befor sunday. you might want to send them first class because otherwise we can use them. cause they are gonna be in the mail by sunday. the due date is friday so make sure they are there by then!

Trevor Thorp

Happy to be home in the NW
Priority mail is faster than First Class. There is no still guarantee that it will get there on Sat.

I guess I am out.

Looks like Eric is probably out too since he didn't get his out today.

Sorry everyone, had a busy week and didn't get the time I thought I was going to have in order to get my flies finished and in the mail.

Ed Call

Long Lost Member
WFF Supporter
Arthrur, not that my input matters, but I've received flies from both Eric T and Daconil. I'm sure they are worth waiting for a day or two. I know you set your limits and I'm cool with that. I've met both guys, they are great dudes not slackers. I've fished both guys' flies, stretched lines! Ed

Eric Tarcha

gear whore
hope you are willing to wait Arthur, i think everyone will like my contribution to the swap. Let me know if I should bother sending them today.

Matthew Gulbranson

Resident Swinger
I would put my two cents in for waiting a day or two. That's not bad for a deadline, especially considering I did a winter steel swap last winter and people were VERY late on the ties....guess that made me a bad swapmeister! Even if you wait until Monday or Tuesday to put them in the mail, we'll have them by next Friday in plenty of time to play.
guys< im good with waiting a couple of days. i was just worried if everybody else would be upset with not getting their flies in time. ill make the due date by next thursday and will send out friday or that weekend. ive only gotten 5 sets of flies anyway so it wouldnt have been much of a swap without the wait. so send them out today or monday
yes they did eric. they showed up. sorry i didnt get on to update them. had mucho homework. i have 9 boxes of flies including mine. im pretty sure im missing whippets and i dont know who else.


Hopefully they will chime in and say their flies are already on the way. How do you think those babines turned out that I sent in Arthur?
turned out great! definetly cant wait to fish them. those are perfect for low and high, clear and murky, summer and winter conditions. its like an all around fly. well im gonna start getting all the flies swapped up tommorow night and so far have 8 including mine, but i thought i had 9
ill go back and count again.
sorry guys not getting back to you. we had 9 swappers so everybody is getting several of their own flies back. have been nusy so havnt been able to post much but will get pics taken and up within the next couple of days. sorry for the enconvianence(sp). flies lloked great and cant wait to try them out sunday!


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