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Rise Film Premier - Gig Harbor, WA

Come and show your support for wild steelhead, by watching the premier Confluence Films newest film "Rise". Watch the trailer here: . Admission is free and the event will be on Tuesday November 17th at Tides Tavern in Gig Harbor from 7-9pm. Tides will have happy hour specials for us as well. There will be a raffle at the premier with all of the proceeds going to the Wild Steelhead Coalition. Raffle tickets are only $5 and will give you a chance to win products from Oakley, Patagonia, Fishpond, Baileys, etc; that the Gig Harbor Fly Shop is having donated. This is a great opportunity to grab a few drinks, meet some fellow anglers, watch a great film, win some gear and show your support for our dwindling runs of wild steelhead!!

The tides tavern is located in downtown Gig Harbor at:
2925 Harborview Dr
Gig Harbor, WA 98335


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Blake needs to keep the shop open late for all the jonesers
i want to buy something and i just watched the trailer

how come standing shoulder to shoulder flossing a crick for chums didn't make it?

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
It will be great, almost as good as fishing. The trailer was very good too. That is a great shop and people too, try it and see. Bob

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Hey guys at the shop, will Zack and Clint be able to go even if they are under age? Would an adult be able to cover for them so they could get in together? I'll be going if that helps in anyway. Bob Jones {zipflybob}

John Dude

Learned skills from George Dickel
Is there any other chance to see this film? I have another commitment that night. Plus its too far from Kirkland to go there on a work night.

What other showings are planned? Any in Seattle or the eastside?

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