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For a week in december, Im going to Yuma, Arizona. I'll be fishing numerous spots along the colorado river, and the gila river, anyone know of any other spots near yuma to fish for trout? cause right now the only spots i know to fish are for BIG Bass. Any help would be great! thanks
Ya some of my family lives down there and i go every year and just slay big bass and catfish with gear but want to try it on the fly this year for bass and pan fish, just wasnt sure if there were streams with trout in them or not.
Ive done a little research on Trout fishing throughout that area due to a possible move i might have to make for work and really have not been able to find any trout fisheries around. Good luck on the trip with the warmwater fish!


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I used to live in the Phoenix Area for a few years. Best bass fishing is the ponds on the golf courses. Pissed off the golfers with all the commotion of a fighting fish. Just b prepared to run and start jumping fences if a golf cart with a orange flashing light on top heads your way. Great times. Oh, there's carp in there too (bird crap flies work great.)
so when my dad retired, he and my mother came up with the great idea that they should move to northern AZ. as i recall it wasn't more than a month and he was calling me up to tell me all about how much the fishing sucked out there. man was he pissed. at this time i saw that i should rub it in his face a little and told him of the 30 some odd fish i had caught the day before. jokes on me though. now he demands personal fishing reports from me. it's like he can't pick up that pole any more so he just fishes through me! damn. any who the point of this story is GOOD LUCK!!! your gonna need it.
Todd where in Norther Az are they? There is some great fishing in Northern Az if you know where to go.

In Yuma I have heard of people catching a lot of fish on the Colorado but you have to watch for border patrol and illegal aliens. Check out azflyandtie.com for up to date info on where to fish in Az.

Flyonthebeach, Golf course fishing brings back many many great memories fishing. I was born and raised in Scottsdale and have spent a lot of time on the golf course lakes. I have been kicked off by police, asst pros, and grounds keepers and yet to this day in my late 30s we still go back to those special honey holes we call golf course ponds. The great thing since the canals bring in the water to all the courses its always a surprise to see what you bring up out of those ponds.

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Southwest Fly Fishing Mag had an article on Fly Fishing for bass in Lake Havasu. It showed guys fihing in the Tules with float tubes. Looked like something worth traveling for. I don't know how close you'll be to Lake Havasu but I thought I should mention it.

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