8wt demo rods, practically new, CHEAP!!!!

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All three of these rods were only cast for a review and have never been fished. As they are Demos the ability to warranty them may be limited. All three come with socks but no tubes.

TFO TiCr X 9'0" 4pc, has a slight cosmetic blem in the wraps on one section 120.00 (sold)

TFO Jim Teeny 9'0" 4pc 100.00(sold)

TFO Pro 9'0" 4pc 80.00 (sold)


Ed Call

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Sorry for the silly question, but are you referring to the loose spiral wrap on the female section of the tip? I have seen plenty of these rods wrapped just like that. Maybe I'm not seeing what you are referring to as the wrap blem.
I think it is normal. My tip sections on two of my TFO rods look the same. I broke a tip (human error) and the replacement looked the same too. I have fished the one rod probably 30 days a year for the last three seasons and have had no problems with it. The other is a back up that was only used while I waited to get another tip. Great rods.
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