Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it?


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"Look Pedro I don't know how you folks do things down in Juarez, but when you tie a fly that resembles Summer Wheatly and nymph fish it for Steelhead its a disgrace to you, me and the entire Gem State."



Hey you guys
This has been some fun/funny reading. As we have all read we all fish various ways and do enjoy being out on the water. I would certainly not come down on any person for their choice of style but I must say the term "Hoity Toity" has got to be the gayest words that anyone can say.
Sounds like a NRA slogan...................

I think 20 is possible.
I'm thinkin' it was Thomas Jefferson who started that one....many others have since "purloined" (!:rofl:) it. Besides, whatcha' got aginst da NRA? I see the vast potential for another "thread" here! :hmmm::eek:

More popcorn anyone??


Jerry Daschofsky

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You guys are reading that all wrong. NRA means "Nymphers Rights Alliance". Sheesh. Get with the picture.

Oh, and the popcorn has been good. I'm just reading and getting a good laugh at this thread. Anyone else need some popcorn? Got plenty to pass around. :)
Is this gonna be a yearly deal, I wanna know, or is this an extension of last years post on nymphing post. Is it a scheduled thing, if so I would like a copy of the schedule, so that way I can make plans, ( I am completely out of Popcorn ) Joseph