I fly frequently with long rod tubes and have never been given any grief or had to gate check. Last year on a short, simple flight from Anchorage to Kodiak they lost a checked bag with two 4-piece high end rods and lots of other stuff.

Found out the hard way they have an exclusion right up front on paying for tripods. Lost a tripod there and they refused to pay any part of it. Now I show up with my monster tripod (much larger than a simple 2-piece rod tube) and do not let them touch it and refuse to gate check it because they refuse to cover it. And since size is not the issue, only their concern over their own competence, I have yet to lose that argument.

It fits in the overhead if it is not sectioned off. Long rods usually fit there easily...


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AK Air is good about rod tubes, even for cretins like yourself with stone-age 2-piece rods...

All kidding aside, I fly AK Air 5-6 times a year with up to 6 rod tubes* as my carryon, and the only time I got any flak was from a junior toady who was quickly overruled by the chief steward.

*in a single carrier, including two 13'6" 3-piece twigs, but mostly 4-piece rods up to 13'.


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Zack Dudley-

I fly airliners for a living... I see people carrying fly rod tubes of all different sizes along with them all the time... Even while on the job I've brought a 2 piece 8'6" with me... while it's a pain in the butt the airlines shouldn't give you too much of a problem... just carry it as your "personal item"...




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I've taken my 9 foot 2 piece to Idaho and Hawaii twice in the last year and have not had any issues with taking the rod on the plane in any case. Don't worry about it. You'll get your rod there without any trouble.