You caught a what?

Ed Call

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Sheepshead, like a jumbo panfish. I've caught them up to about 8 pounds. Pretty simple looking in photo sample #1, but check out them chompers in photo sample #2. I could not find a photo of the sheepshead tongue, which is covered with molars like those on the roof of its mouth. Eats shellfish like crab, barnacles, etc. Cruching is not problem with a mouth full of molars. Weird fish.

stewart dee

My wife while fishing from my drift boat with a two hander(learning curve there man) note: don't have anyone in the boat while fishing a Spey rod, my wife still reminds me now and again when I'm braggin about a good day casting.
A Pelican in Australia. They are a lot bigger in the boat than sitting on the water by the way. :eek:

A Loon on a 14 inch Rainbow at Hihume Lake in September. It swallowed the fish and I had to cut the leader. I would have thought it would have broken the leader but it didn't.

An 18 plus pound Bull Trout that took a 10 inch Whitefish on a river to remain anonymous in September. It also refused to let go and my buddy managed to get behind it with the net.

My Mother's ear with a back cast when I was 8. It's been almost 50 years and she still brings it up. :hmmm:


After fighting this thing for 10 minutes, my buddy landed a beautiful 1940-50 Willys Jeep steering wheel.

It's now proudly mounted, no joke, in his rod building/fly tying man cave at home.
My Grandmothers wig, with a big ol' treble hook spoon, when I was about thirteen fishing for Pike in the Northern Channel of Lake Huron. She was pissed, too.:rofl:


"An 18 plus pound Bull Trout that took a 10 inch Whitefish on a river to remain anonymous in September. It also refused to let go and my buddy managed to get behind it with the net." - Gatorator

I had the exact same thing happen to me! Only mentioned it to a few people who thought I was full of poo. My brother was there, we had no net, but the Bull trout practically beached itself a couple of times chasing the fish after losing it's grip. It too was around 20lbs. My whitefish measured 13" and had jaw marks just behind the gill plates and just ahead of the tail. Kept the whitefish to take a picture of it later, lost the pic some years back. :mad:


"Chasing Riseforms"
Not I, but my fishing buddy caught a bat while we were fly fishing a beaver pond late one evening. He thought he had drowned it dead after holding it under water for a good 5 minutes (he reeled the bat and fly up to his rod tip to do this). It was too dark to fish, so he put the rod and bat in the back of the canopy of his truck. When we got home, the bat was alive!

Jerry Daschofsky

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I've caught a couple odd things. I caught a girlfriend once (she wasn't one at the time). She was bathing on the river bank I was fishing and my fly (thankfully) only hooked her bikini. We dated for awhile, until the commute to see her killed me.

My funniest one was gear fishing. Was mooching off Pt Defiance. Had a solid bump and set the hook. Felt the "fish" bounce on the line. It kept swimming around the boat. As I'd work it up, it would change directions around the boat. When I got it into view, I had hooked a barnicle on a rock. As I reeled up, it hit the different currents coming up and would change the rocks direction (plus we were on the drift too not under power).

Also caught a 6 pack of rainier (back when they had two push tabs to drink them). I was only like 8 at the time though, so my Dad confiscated them. LOL.

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