You caught a what?


Paul Singer
Fishing a farm pond in Ohio years ago. Hooked a bluegill. While reeling it in, a gargantuan largemouth bass rocketing up from the depths, slammed, then swallowed the 'gill. I caught a fish that caught a fish. Freaky.
A seagull, it took line in the air..., a dead bat floating down the river, two pollock on a cut plug herring, and a fresh water clam. One of the most interesting...up above Staircase on the Skokomish, I caught a rainbow on a small stimulator, the poor guy had a worm hook in its mouth and a snap swivel hanging out its ass...the line was attached. I cut the line at the hook, and slowly pulled the line out his ass. Hopefully his digestion improved!
I caught a pristine Sage 590 (crappy reel) in the eye with a #12 chironomid at Lenice many years ago.
It's become my favorite trout rod.

Hooked several frigate birds at Christmas Island trolling big poppers offshore.
Very unpleasant experience.
Hooked something in a lake one time several years ago. It didn't fight like a fish but I was able to slowley bring it up being careful not to break off. As it neared the surface and the water started to clear I saw that it was a fully stuffed canvess bank bag with the bank's name on the side. I thought I had won the lottery. :thumb: However after getting it in the boat and opening it, I found it full of corn. :beathead: Somebodys unique method of chumming for fish.



Have Spey Will Travel
One Muscrat Rocky Ford on a emerger patern. Two Pelicans. One about ½ miles from Diamond Head using a very large Marlin lure the other off the coast of Oregon using a red and white Tuna jig. Several seagulls fly lining anchovies. Two or three cats playing in the back yard and of course myself lost count on how many times that’s happened.
Now if only I could catch a Steelhead?


Hey you guys
A 12' yellow kayak on the Tieton river. The owner was glad to get it back. My son caught a frog that liked his fly. I am quite sure too that I have caught every known type of tree in the state of Washington.


Snagged a duck in mid flight yesterday while I was Steelhead fishing. Just happened to hit it mid cast, didn't even see it coming.

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