Steelhead and Bananas

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I once took a float with a guy who believed in the curse. Bummer was I didn't find out about it until after we pulled the boat out, and I produced the remainder of my sack lunch.... a crushed banana. His face turned red when he saw it, and he lectured me about bananas. Blamed our near skunking (I got a river sucker on a jig) on the banana I had along. Never asked me along for a float, again, and never even returned any of my calls.

Those bananas sure do a great job of weeding out the douchebags.:p
Flyborg bought a bunch of bananas for his anal appetite while on a camping trip this Fall and despite the negative karma he landed nine steelhead his first day out. Now I am superstitious, I still don't touch a baseline on a baseball field and will never bring a banana to or near a river. Is it bullshit, off course it is, but I am not taking no freaking risks.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
science folk say eating nanners attract the skeeters.
I've read the same thing. I think I have even noticed more squeets after eating a banana. Also, most fruit, sweets, or anything that raises your bood sugar level will attract 'em, not just from bananas. Carbon Dioxide attracts them, so try not to exhale.

The main reason to avoid eating bananas is that growing them requires huge amounts of fertilizer and pesticides. In all of agriculture, bananas are amongst the worst offenders in that regard. Rain forests are replaced with monocultures. These things have to be transported and imported. HUGE carbon footprint.


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I eat bananas to help support the economy of Ecuador, but I'm self conscious about the carbon footprint. I was catching fish and eating bananas long before I learned about the banana superstition, so I'll continue to ignore it.


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