Your go-to Lens on field?


Fly Guy Eat Pie
I try not to carry an arsenal of lens when I'm out on the field. Even though it would be nice to carry an assortment of camera gear, with all the gear I'm already carrying, I try to stick with 1 lens.

What is your go-to lens?

I have a Nikon D300 and carry a 35mm 1.4 for my all purpose lens. Not the best "scenery" shots but creates a beautiful bokeh effect and comes out nice and clean
As far as what I carry in the field. I tend to bring everything with me. When fishing I carry it all in a Pelican case. When skiing I usually leave the flash out and put everything else in a minnitrekker AW.

everything: 50mm F1.4, 70-200 F2.8, 17-40 F4L, and 580EX.


Fly Guy Eat Pie
i too own the 18-200. got it with my D300 a couple years ago. Great all around lens.

flywaterguides - I had the 12-24mm Nikon for awhile, as well as the Sigma 10-20mm. both great lens's but I'd say with the lower price of the Sigma, I'd go with the Sigma. Also take a look at the Tokina 12-24, heard alot of great things about that lens.

I too am looking for a nice ultra wide lens but several expensive hobbies drains me :[

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