Beaver Lake hatchery trout

Jim Ficklin

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fish used for educational purpose according to my friend who works for wdfw
Nuns are smacking kids across the knuckles with trout now? Dang, where was this policy when I was a kid and they used laser-accurate wooden rulers? (God Bless them all . . .helped me learn right from wrong.).
How is the fishing out there right now? i went out a few months back and only got one bite. i took out a buddy of mine for his first trout. we trolled leeches and buggers and nothing? any suggestions ?
Will, you can wade at a few areas by the park...a lot of fish are taken there by worms or Power Baiters...can be a 'combat fishery', so weekends might not be a good idea. I'm suprised at the lack of any reports, either guys are doing well and don't want to increase the competition or too embarrased to admit they go there! At any rate, there's probably a thousand 3 lb. avarage fish left in the lake and every other one will rip you a new one. If I wasn't on injured reserve, I'd be there once a week. Best bets are cloudy mornings, shallow and slow, structure and weed beds...Hale Bopps or my favorite...Simi Seal Leeches: black/rust. Leave the 4 wt. at home, I've had the pleasure of hooking into some 5-7 lb. holdovers the last few years.


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there are two spots you can wade, the public park, or the boat launch (opposite side of park). Both aren't really the ideal spots to be wading. Trees, kids, joggers, dogs everywhere. Plus the lake is big enough that wade fishign won't be very productive...
There's big triploids in there along with your typical planters but it comes alive with largemouth bass during the summer months. I used to fish this lake alot on a pontoon and literally every dock and lilypad patch holds bass.
I'm considering heading over there on Sunday morning when hopefully most folks are busy watching the big game. My son has kind of lost his enthusiasm for fishing, as all he's really done is bait under bobbers. I showed him some basics of fly casting in the park and let him cast my 5 wt rod. He seemed to catch on pretty quick, so I was thinking that we'd take the canoe to Beaver lake on Sunday and see how we do. I'll bring his spinning rod along in case he gets too frustrated with the fly rod, but I'm hoping he'll stick with the fly setup long enough to really see how fun it can be.

Of course if he catches something that'll go a long way towards keeping him interested. :)

Any tips for taking a kid out on Beaver lake in a canoe to go fly fishing?



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Don't yell and no quick movements. If you think you are fishing too slow-slow down some more.

Ryan AKA Ryfly
You might try blood worms near the bottom, it's that time of year. Also try the shallow end of the lake for a bit if its sunny. The shallower water will warm up sooner but only if its a sunny day.
Well we had to postpone our planned trip to the park today where he was going to get to try out the fly rod again. (he took all day to do an hour's worth of assigned work). We'll still be going fishing tomorrow, but instead of just bringing the spinning setup as backup, now it's going to be the primary thing for him to use, and I'll be bringing the 5wt fly rod as his backup to try if he wants.

For myself, I've tied up some mohair/hale-bopp leech patterns in #10 & #12, and of course, tons of chironomids & bloodworms. I'll decide exactly what to use when we get there, but those will be my defaults if nothing else seems obvious. I'll be setting up my son's spinning rig with a couple of hooks about 4" apart floating about 3' above the bottom. Most likely going to use powerbait dough on one hook and powerbait worms on the other. Of course if he wants to use the fly rod, I've got plenty of flies for him to use too.

I'm hesitant to just start him out on the fly rod, since he's only had one chance to try it out on the grass in the park; and as he's not the most coordinated fellow, I'd like him to have more practice before we start sending a hook flying about. However, if we end up having decent luck with bloodworms, that may be worth trying, as there's not a lot of casting involved there.

I'll post an update tomorrow evening and let you all know how we did.
Well no fish today. I didn't see anyone else getting any either, though there were only 3 other boats out there today. My son was bored silly, but I had a good time. Got to watch an insect hatch in progress; first time I've been close enough to actually see them rising to the surface and escaping from their shucks.