Steel Bunnies and Beer 12-9 @ 7pm


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Time for another fly tying and beer drinking event! Up at Balefire in Everett on Wednesday, December 9th from 7pm til close or the kegs are dead.

Let's focus on steelhead patterns, I plan on tying some intruders and Skagit Minnows, but whatever works for you!

It's kill the keg night, so there we be some good beers for $2 a glass!

Hope to see you there!

1801 Hewitt Ave
Everett, WA 98201
(425) 374-7248



Purveyor of fine hackle, wine & cigars!
Just bumping it up! If you have a lamp you can bring, we'll need them. I'll have one w/ me. :beer2:


dead in the water
I'm going to try and be there. However, I won't be tying, as I don't tie. But I will happily make all sorts of complimentary comments about your creations in exchange for beer.

Won't be able to stay long, as I live an hour north (drunk driving is against my man-code). But I've needed to make a trip to Harbor freight for a while and this seemed like a good reason to go.


dead in the water
Balefire is cool place, I may come up if I can get a hall pass
My hall pass got pulled. Wife is having contractions. We're still 3+ months from due date and this also happened with the first kiddo (meaning that it is probably nothing). But it means I'm required to stick around the homefront.

Hope there's a good turnout and people have fun.
Was a good time. Sean and I decided we want to do this more frequently, perhaps once a month? Even if just a few people come out each time, it'd still be worth it.
I would be able to come by if it wasn't the second Wednesday also. It's Gun Club and Fly Club meeting night and I have to choose between two things as it is. Having three options would just make me go crazy.

Jeff Dodd

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I'd like to join in on this group as well. I work a short walk fromt the balefire and can arrive early and do my part to kill the keg.

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