Cannon Rebel T1i???

I am looking at my first DSLR camera, and from my very limited knowldge, I am considering this cannon. Does anyone have any experiences with it? I am a shitty photographer, but I am planning on getting more into it because I have a baby on the way, and I am sure there are many memories to be captured here shortly.

Also, I am wondering if anyone can give me any sort of pointers on DSLR ownership and use. Is there any classes around that might "put me on game"


dead in the water
The Rebel series is a great "baby" camera. I have upper end Canon DSLR's but end up with the rebel for most kid shots because it's the one that happens to be in the living room more often.

I would suggest getting a better low light lens than comes with the kit. Something f/2.8 or faster.
posted a vid on you tube that i shot with mine.check it out.
weird useing a still cam for video.but it worked great.

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