Two Handed Gathering on the Beach

Ed Call

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In another thread the idea of getting some folks interested in using two handers (spey or switch rods) from the beach together. After a few recommendations it was decided to gather at Lions Field Park in Bremerton Washington. The address is 408 Lebo Boulevard, Bremerton WA. Below are three maps of various zoom levels to use as a reference to get you there. You can also mapquest turn by turn directions yourself or use your Gar-Tom-Gellan navigational device if you need one.

Who: Anyone who wants to come, bring a two handed rod, spey or switch (single handers are not excluded, if that is what you have, roll with it and maybe test fly someone's toy)
What: Two handed gathering on the beach
When: Friday December 4th, 2009
Where: Lions Field Park Waterfront
What Time: Show up at 10am and we'll stay a while.
Why: Try out some two handed overhead casting techniques, and maybe some toys shared and compared. Size does not matter, all rods can be two handed overhead cast.

Lions is within a short drive of the Bremerton Ferry. Anyone driving on the Bainbridge Island or Kingston Ferry runs will have about a 20-25 minute drive from ferry landing to the Lions Field Park. If you need more information on how to get there or anything else send me a PM and I'll do my best to answer your ???'s.

If you are motivated to bring toys to share, food or beverages to share let it be known. This can be a simple day on the beach with others or more of a festive outing, totally up to each of you. If you are coming, post it here. If you are bringing gear to share, post it here. If you are bringing something to eat/drink and share, post it here. See you all next week.

Particulars about the park:
* 15 acres
* 1,950 linear feet of shoreline
* 4 ballfields, 2 lighted
* Walking path
* 12 picnic tables
* Covered picnic shelter
* 7 park benches
* 2 restrooms
* Boat launch
* 150 parking spaces
* Large waterfront dock

Tides: 13' HIGH at 7:15am 7'11" LOW at 12:40pm This will give us some challenges with the high tide level. There are some trees to our backs but there are ample gaps to lay out a backcast. This tide cycle is not one of the greater pushers of water. Lions Field sees water movement that is "walking pace" many days throughout the year, that is why people go there to cast in this urban "river".


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Thanks Ed,

I'll be bringing an Orvis Helios 117-4 and 118-4 switch rod with beach overhead lines and some donuts and danish.


Ed Call

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All, I'll be bringing a TFO Deer Creek 8wt switch with the lines I've used this summer on the beach. I will probably bring my Orvis 117-4 and maybe a lighter switch or spey Z-Axis. Whatever rods I bring I'll have my right handed retrieve reels and various skagit and scandi heads.

I can't get the images from mapquest to load showing the detail I want. I'll work on converting them and adding them to the opening post of the thread as soon as I can. Until then you can use google or map quest with the above address and see where to be.

Kim Hampton

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I'll be there.
--I'll drop down to the Tacoma Mall from Browns Point before going across the bridge and grab some Krispy Kremes plus a box of their coffee. Actually the coffee is better than the doughnuts. Hopefully it will still be hot/warm by the time I get there.
--Also I'll have my Meiser 11' Switch with me. Anyone is more than welcome to give it a try especially if they show me how to overhead the thing. I can't seem to tighten the loops for some reason.

Should be fun.

Ed Call

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Old Man Jim, bite me!:D
Larry, come on out. I'm no hotshot, but I can overhead out more line with the switch than I can get out with a single hander. Kim, I'll show you what I do. It ain't pretty but it gets line out. If Matt Burke shows up we'll be in for a show. From what I've heard he is the two handed overhead casting guru.

Bob Jones

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I'll be there and looking forrward to it. I'll have my single hand rod I've used at the beach and my new spey, cabelas 14 ft that I haven't used yet. I'll also bring a couple dozen donuts and a couple thermos' of coffee. I can't help but learn something. Bob
Ed I haven't been out on the salt for months!
Since I have Friday's off and i've never fished your side of the pond this is an offer I can't refuse...
I'll be bringing my 9' VT2 7wt with both a RIO clear intermediate and floating setup in the event that Leland starts up a surface frenzy :^)
And I can pick up some bagels somewhere for those who aren't into donuts..



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I think that I'm going to head over. Not 100% sure what I'll bring besides my 5wt switch. I'll probably head over to Batson's and maybe Sage while I'm over there too. :thumb:

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