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Fishin' to the end, Oc.P
I'm bored so this is what I will do again (tis' starting to be the season)......I have attached seven photos ..... they are labeled 1 thru 7(1 on the left....7 on the right)......each has one or two questions attached......If you can answer ALL the questions I will send you free of charge either a Teeny casting for recovery 4pc rod tube(pink), or a Teeny casting for recovery wf 5wt floating line, or a Teeny chuck and duck magnum 530 grain line for 8 thru 10 wt rods....All are new (this is not an advertisement, I aquired these awhile back from a now defunct fly shop).

When you make a guess, it must be posted with ALL PREVIOUS POSTED CORRECT guesses.....if not, I will not respond. Post all answers in this forum(no pms).

1.Do you see Dumbo?...Where is this?
2.Where is this? Who's hands?
3.Where is this? What run?
4.What park was I at when I took this photo?
5.What is this?
6.What event are these dates for? Where is this event?
7.Where is this located?

.............If no winner by January 1, 2010.........I will award one of the above to the person that was first with the highest percentage of correct answers.....I will break a tie with a coin flip....................................Have fun fellow bored fishermen:thumb::thumb::thumb:


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1. Red Rocks, where balloon boy landed

2. Opening morning of your annual bacon breakfast at the mouth of the grande ronde. and those hands belong to that bastard S. Mike, or his other alias, steelie Mike

3. GR, just to the left of the road split at Schumaker

4. ehhh, mouth of columbia..ehh, no clue

5. ancient petrified native american thingamobober

6. Past and Future dates for the sandy spey clave

7. The entrance to the Grayone's mysterious fishing ranch in Wyoming


Fishin' to the end, Oc.P
1. not red rocks and Steelie Mike , I believe you were just called a bastard, no
5. no
7. no

Nice try Mr mills
no hook ups on this swing


Fishin' to the end, Oc.P
#6 is the Testicle Festival at Rock Creek...not the Sandy Clave. Good eats!
Yes that is correct FLGator.......

remember if you post any other answers it must include the correct #6 answer

FLGator takes the early lead:thumb::thumb::thumb:


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1. McKenzie River
2. Doc's Park, Jon Aqui
3. Deshutes River, Maupin
4. ?
5. Yakima River rock
6. #6 is the Testicle Festival at Rock Creek
7. Pendleton, OR
1. Yes, I see Dumbo...he is in the middle of the frame
4. Yaquina bay state park
5. Sedimentary rock being used as a paper weight
6. Testicle Festival at Rock Creek
7. Above a driveway


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Bored too.

1: Yep, Dumbo midframe (actually kinda creepy looking.) I'll guess it's on the John Day?
2: Ricardo Montabon on Fantasy Island.....?
3: Grande Ronde, - no idea what run.
4: Yaquina Bay State Recreation Area (knew the bay but had to mapquest the park.)
5: Obviously a very round rock. Found similar ones (not quite that perfect though) on streams with circular "bowls" carved into bedrock below waterfalls.
6: "Testicle Festival at Rock Creek" (please tell me it's not what I think it is.)
7: A place where male bovines get an unpleasant suprise, and supply event number 6.