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I'm interested in purchasing a inflatable raft for river fishing. I'm wondering if any members are using a NRS or Outcast. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I've been on the site a few times and it looks like a great community!

If anyone is planning a trip to the Great Lakes area in Canada and is looking for information drop me a line.



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NRS boats are excellent. I prefer Maravia and don't have an opinion on Outcast. NRS, Aire, and Maravia are top of the line boats and will last a long time with proper maintenance. All three have great service as well.


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In my experience, NRS and Outcast are pretty similar with the latter being made by Aire as previously mentioned. I wouldn't hesitate getting either one. The Tributary series of Outcast is a little cheaper in price and quality. Customer service for both has been pretty good to me.


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Aire is made over seas now isn't it? I know that is why NFO quit using them and went bladderless.
I would go North Fork Outdoors myself.


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I have owned both an Aire Super Puma, a 14 ft. Maravia self bailer, and still own a outcast 10 ft. pontoon boat. IMO all of these are great boats! Just get the boat that suits your needs. I went form the 14 ft Maravia which was an awsome boat for the simple reason that it was just to much boat for us. Our prmary use was day trips with the occasional 2-3 day trip thrown in. The maravia; well built, tracked ok, on exteneded trips could carry everthing we would need for a 4 day trip. Downside on day trips if you had to make a portage this thing is a beast for two people to move. The Puma again well built, tracked really well, and a lot lighter when portaging, yet could still carry enough gear for a 2 night trip for two. And the puma because of it's design can go just about anyplace you would want to go!
I have an Outcast pontoon, built in 1999. I'm the second owner. Last year, with one year left on the original owner's warranty, one pontoon developed a leak. I contacted the factory, discussed the problem, and told them I was the second owner. They had me send both pontoons back, installed new valves in both, and sent them back. All it cost me was shipping to and from Meridian, Id. where the pontoons are made. I really like the pontoon boat, and am really impressed by how Outcast treats their customers. They didn't have to provide this level of service - I offered up front to pay for the repair, but they stood behind their product. I'll definitely buy Outcast/Aire again, and recommend their (US made) products to anyone who will listen.

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