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I just talked to a guy today that has a couple of them. I've never heard of them but he tells me they are real nice casting rods. More research is called for. :thumb:


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Thanks fly punk, there doesn't seem to be much info on the net other than on their web site. I don't think this company has been around very long making their own line of rods. I can't seem to find anyone that carries them here in the Great Lakes region, so I can give them a look over and maybe a cast.


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Here are a couple of my faves:

The 12'-6'' 7/8 is my go to rod for BC steel. The ''new'' 11' 3/4 weight is a sweet trout two hander.

My go to beach rod for coho and pinks is the 10', 5 weight. Though it was meant as a chroni , boat rod, a version of it will be hitting the shelves next year dressed up as a beach rod, meaning same blank but with bigger strippers and a fighting butt. This rod is interesting in that the tip is responsive like a 5 weight should be, but the bottom end has some serious backbone, without feeling like a 2X4.

The ''Midge'' is a medium action 8' 3/4 weight that comes with 2 tips (a 3 weight and a 4 weight tip section) that is a pleasure to use on small streams. The rod finish is very unique.

I am a pro-staffer for the company, meaning they give me rods to go beat on and give them feed back on improvements and design prior to production and public release. The head office and warehouse is in Vancouver BC. Warranties are dealt with Amundson directly. They have been making rods under private labels for 15+ years and started their own label a few years ago. Life time warranty for the Wind Warrior line up.

When I was approached to prostaff for them, I was kind of sceptical. I wasn't expecting much from rods that had the price point these rods have. I dont get paid by them, just get rods to try out. Needless to say, I am quite impressed by the rods I have handled, and if I thought the stuff was junk, or inferior, I wouldn't be dealing with them


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Wow ralfish, thanks for the info. Can you buy them direct from their web site, if not could you give me some info on web based retailers I can order from. The ones on their site are mostly dead ends with no info or pricing.



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You can't buy from the web site, its there for product and company info. Here are a couple of dealers in the Great lakes region:

Lakeside Fishing Shop
25110 Jefferson Ave St. Clair Shore MI 48081. USA
Phone: 586-777-7003 Fax: 586-777-1730

Streamside Inc.
Box 59, 10221 Shoreline Dr. Grand Bend, Ontario N0M 1T0
Phone: 519 238 2141
Fax: 519 238 6701
I have been casting an 1106 amundson switch for a year now with no problems. I really love this little rod and find myself using it almost exclusively now. I lined it with a compact skagit 420 and and afs 5/6 and poly tips. I use the afs most of the time now. The overall fit and finish of these rods are quite good and the price point is even better. the wind warrior series of spey rods comes with the lifetime warranty and the rep./developement dude (Jack) is great to deal with and answers all of my questions quickly and honestly. I had the chance to cast a protoype 3/4 trout spey (due out in spring '10 i believe) a couple of weeks ago lined with an airflo 40 plus 5wt. and poly tip and I gotta get me on of these! Very nice little rod.
Just my thoughts, hope it helps,
What Ralf said...for sure! I have a full selection of the Wind Warrior twohanders...I love 'em,if your near the Fraser Valley Steelheading this winter and want to try one let me know.

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