2010 Hohdown

Dates for 2010 Hoh down

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i'll be over there as much as possible this spring, so im sure i'll be droppin in. probably with a buddy or two. i'll bring beer, a giant cooler and and plenty of tarps. doesnt matter to me which dates are chosen. i'll probably be over there regardless.
Should have put a end date to the poll. sounds like people need to put in for their vac. soon. How about we go threw the weekend then call it.
So 48% picked the third week in March, 3/15 to 3/21. Lets all hope for good fishing weather.
I was hoping someone could come up with some artwork for shirts.

Trevor Thorp

Happy to be home in the NW
My girl may be interested in making a design for a shirt. She is a graphic designer and does great artwork. The next think would be to find a screen printer that would do the work on such a small order. Thinking 15-20 shirts. I will talk to her tonight about it. If anyone knows a screen printer locally, we could get something going. All my screen printing friends are back in MI.
Rob, last year we had more seats then we could fill. I'll be bringing my boat but can't launch it with the RV. Ed and Mark are bucking with me but won't arrive tell midweek. So if you have a truck to tow the boat to a launch we could go any time before that. I'll be there from Saturday the 13th through the following Sunday. Nine days to fish. It's going to rock.

Ed Call

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I could possibly be bringing my two man toon and solo toon, just because I might be towing THE JEFF'S pretty little boat and bunking (not bucking there pal) with him in his RV does not mean I have to row and fish with his crazy ass. Just kidding. As the time draws closer I'll figure out which pontoon or toons I'll be bringing. Loaning them if I'm in a boat with someone is always a very high probability. Sean, hope this year pans out better for you than last! Not even Christmas and I'm getting pretty excited to regroup.


Team Umiak
Lookin forward to this one..never been..but not non accustomed to fishin camp. Jerry..I'm handy in the kitchen so will lend my hand. Ed, lookin for some 2 hand skills..haven't practiced since Kinneys class in June..my bad? Speaking of Kinney and the other guides here..are they gonna come for a day on the river? Spey on the Hoh? How fun would that be. If I can get my old GMC and camper back to life in the next few months..which I will for this junket..count me in. And Jerry let me know what you'd like me to bring from the east side..fruit..hispanic stuff from an awesome market we have here. But frankly what we have here you can probably get at the market in Forks. And if anyone from here wants to carpool, send me a pm.
Holly Shit!!!! Have heard "Team Rugged" for a long time. If you can't drive a couple hundred miles, drink like the fish you stalk, and sleep in the snow,get up and go fish, just because,..... then don't bother.

Ed Call

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3rd week in March. I'm new to the forum, will try to make it. Where do we meet? Camping or Motel?
CC, welcome. Camping is the primary method for those that attended last year. That holds true from previous years I'm told. I had a great deal at Bagby's Town Motel in Forks and stayed there with another friend and WFF member. The rates were good, rooms more than adequate for a couple of dudes there to fish. 15 minutes from the Oxbow Campground. Downside was that the drive after the evening group meal and bonfire meant that responsibility in consumption was in order. Less a factor at camp.

Search "Hoh Down 2009", a long thread you should find here. Much converstation from many members. I met quite a few of them and have fished with many since then. Again welcome, do a bit of research and see you around camp.

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