Need decent but cheaper upgrade

Dang Scoones, i woulda took that xt off your hands but i just picked on up. I will have to wait a little to pick up another lens but, if you still have that one i might hit you up when its time.


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This was the primary reason I left wanting the D90 over the D5000. That and the fact that the viewfinder was way better. I still want to look at some of the comparable Canons. D90's right now with a 18-105mm kit lens is $1149. Think they'll be any cheaper after Christmas?
Randall, oddly enough, I've noticed its cameras don't get any cheaper until a newer model comes out. Even during Christmas season, the deals for dslr's aren't spectacular either. I've accepted that dslr's are an extremely expensive hobby, seeing as how quality lens's often cost just as much as the body itself. I for one, have way too many useless lens's that i haven't touched...i should stick to a couple general zoom lens's and perhaps a nice ultra wide angle and some fixed lens's at like 35mm or 50mm. I mostly use my 50mm 1.4 since it covers generally everything unless im looking for a scenic shot. oftentimes, i have to step back quite a ways to do that.


Fly Guy Eat Pie
Plus, im new to these kind of cameras so im gonna play around with the lens on it and go from there. Suggestion on lenses i should consider are still appreciated though.
I was taught on an old 35mm manual camera back in the days that my father gave to me so I'm very used to using fixed lens's and most times actually prefer it. Alot of people say beginners are better off starting off with a fixed lens at 50 or 35mm because you're focused to really engage and be more intimidate with the object you're photographing.

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