I know it's early but I'm going to try out my hand at fly fishing for bass this year. I'm gathering materials for tying attractor/ baitfish patterns. Do any of you have any suggestions for sites or pics for Bass patterns. I'm probably going to make some poppers - large and medium but want to get some wet patterns going to. Any help would be appreciated.

Camo Clad Warrior

Tight Lines and Screaming Reels!
I would look at what you already have in your fly box. A lot of patterns are equally as effected for trout as bass. For an example....Woolley Buggers. I ties them a little larger and in a few different colors than I normally would for trout.
Dahlberg Divers,

Polk's Dirty Rat

Gartside Gurgler (R.I.P. JACK)

Gulley Worm

Todd's Wiggle Minnow

Bendbacks, Any minnow pattern

If the water is warm my go to fly is the Diver, if it is early morning/night/sunset, Im going with the Polks Dirty Rat, (the head floats above the water and the rest is below the water line like a real mouse....) Colder water I fish the gulley worm low and slow...

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