Her first duck!


I hope she likes whitefish
The wife just started bird hunting with her father this year and has only been out one other time. They got skunked the first time, but were much more fortunate today! Actually, she's still out there, she took this with her phone and sent it to me just now. :thumb:

I'm not proud or anything. :p Just wanted to share my excitment for her first duck and first bird with you guys!

I gotta tell you, I'm a little jealous...while I sit here at work behind a desk, she's out enjoying our 12 degree temps while shooting birds. That's my girl! (it must be my good luck hat :D)

stewart dee

Thats cool, I love a new hunter with a first bird, I like to razz a little about how they ran out bellyflopped on the bird and held it up like a bar of gold. You started a good habit there, nothing like a fun day afield, second to a grab on a swingin fly.


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Made the mistake of teaching my wife how to fish. Everytime we go now she always manages to catch the biggest one.
Not making the same mistake and teach her how to hunt. My fragile male ego could not take it.

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