Need some contact info for East side Brittany spaniel Breeders

So my June Bride surprised me with a card explaining that I can get myself the hunting dog of my choice for my birthday! After doing quite a bit of research, I have decided the smaller frame and temperament of the Brittany Spaniel is the best choice. I love the way they look and are very smart as well as being great hunting dogs. I know people have problems with them being a little crazy energetic, but my wife is a collegiate xc coach and we are both all americans distance runners. so he/she will be getting her runs in daily, as well as hunts as often and possible.
My question is if anyone knows a breeder over here on the east side of the state? I obviously wanna be able to see some full grown Brittany's in person before I completely stick with it.
Any help would be appreciated.
And if you know of any comparable dog breeds that you think would work good for us, Please mention them. I dont have any first hand experience with these types of dogs. but am more than willing to put in the work, to make one my best friend!
Our other pet is my wifes shitzhu maltese designer dog, looks like a damn ewok from star wars. Any dog we get has to be friendly with this little guy.
Thanks for the help guys.
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We have a Brittany that is about 11 months old now. We live on the wet side but get to the dry side to hunt and visit family a fair amount. There are several Brittany clubs in the state and I believe one of them is in your area. We ended up getting our pup out of Texas and think highly of the breeding program he came out of. We have seen others from local roots that seem like nice dogs also. I am not sure of all of the forum rules as I typically am just a lurker here, shoot me a PM and I will send you a link the breeder/trainer we got our pup from. Of course we are bias and think we have the wonder dog, additionally this is the first pointing dog we have had so our experience level is much less than many. Having said all of that we are thrilled with the Brittany and especially ours.

You should look in to the French Brittany. I'd like to own one myself someday if I ever break away from pointing labs. The French brittany's tend to be calmer in the house, less yappy and better hunters than their American cousins. Physically, they're nearly identical- the French brit is a little smaller, always has a black nose and come in more colors.
Great choice in my opinion, of course I'm biased. My Maggie is about two and a half now. She is a great fishing and hunting companion. She is a great house dog now. The first six months were interesting. Anything with strings was a candidate to be chewed. Only lost one sock and one birkenstock though. She is a little excited with a homecoming but settles right down and finds a place on a couch somewhere. Couldn't ask for a more personable dog. All the britts I have associated with have been that way. They are a nice size dog at about 30 to 45 pounds. Mine is on the large size at a full 45# for a female. She was the biggest of the litter, tall and lean. There are usually five or six of them at our club outings. They all get along great with other dogs and love to play. Not sure of any available at present. When you find a litter, take a long look. Pick out one of the more submissive pups if you want one that is more mellow. Females tend to be a little less excitable in my experience also. They also tend to be rather soft and sensitive dogs and don't require a heavy hand to train. Good luck in your search.
I think you are on the right track. Brittanys sound like to right dog for your lifestyle. Very entergetic, but great family pets. They live for hunting birds. My latest Brittany came from the Engles kennel in Springfied, OR. A bit out of your way, but well with the trip if you are interested in seeing the parents (the only way to buy a dog). Where ever you decide to purchase the Brittany, insist on seeing the parents!

This is a breed that, despite it's inate huting ability, will be the best pet you ever owned.
Im happy about all this input, Just makes me feel that much better about our decision to own a brittany. I will definitely take your advice and see the parents of the Brittany I end up choosing. Thanks.
Came accross an add in the local Nickle. Brittany pups available in Royal City. 509-346-9402. Don't know anything about them except the lady said they were orange and white, and that she had both males and females. If you are interestred.
I actually Finally picked up my dog from a family out of Odessa just yesterday. We ended up going with a English springer spaniel. Im really excited about everything except waiting till next fall to get a public hunt in. :X
thanks for the info tho, I appreciate it.

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I'm with Blake on the Springer Spainiel. "Annie" has been the best huntiing/family dog one could ask for. I plan to get another when she' goes (she's 12). The other dog that I have been around a bit that I would consider would be an English Setter. VERY mild mannered and you can't run the energy out of them so I'm told. Again, nice, mild temperment. I'm still sticking with the Springer. Sweet dog. My .02 And I will be needing a breeder sometime in the next few years if anyone knows and has personal experience with one.

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