STOLEN: From Willoboughy Camp Ground HOH river

Well I have set up camp on the HOH river to fish steel during the xmas break from school. However I awoke this morning to find my Reddington 14' 8wt and Tioga 12 had been stolen. It was on my truck parked right in front of my tent well off the road. I am not even visible from the road. I for sure cannot afford to purchase another setup. Guess I will be practicing my fly tying skills which I just learned two nights ago and taking pictures. If anyone has any information please let me know! Don't know when I will be able to buy another setup either.....

That really sucks, to lose your stuff and the worst part a fishing/camping weekend. To bad I dont fish the Hoh and Im not in your area. I could lone you a rod/reel for the weekend. Maybe some others who fish up that way could help you out.

Ed Call

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Christoph, sorry to hear the bad news. Was more looking forward to reports of constant hookups and steelhead packing the river. Hopefully one of the local guides will read this and have a loaner that might keep you fishing. This time of year they may be busy but maybe some good luck will come your way. If you have occasion to roll back toward the Hood Canal Bridge I'd loan you a switch rod that can handle steel. Let me know if this could be a small part of a silver lining for your trip. Best of luck. Ed
Thanks for the offer Ed. Actually sounds good, but not sure if I can swing the gas to go there and back....considering I still have 3 weeks out here then the gas to get home plus ferry charge is high due to my trailer and boat. I am going to take some time and tie some flies and let the dust settle before I make any moves. But once again, thanks and I will keep that in mind!

Ed Call

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Wish I had the weekend free to fish. I'd hand it over and make you take me floating the canyon in that inflatable of yours. I'm envious of your "vacation". Keep me posted.

stewart dee

Check out the local pawn shops on the way home because there are some serious meth heads in that area. Sorry to read the bad news, I think something good will happen for you.
Checked out all shops here in town, and nothing. Talked to about everyone on the Hoh river road, as well as all the County road guys. Bunch of great people. Also pread the word to some of the business owners here in forks as well as other visiting fisherman. But thats all I can really do for now. Time to do some research in fly tying so I can atleast practice that while out here! Thanks for hte positive vibes Stewart D.

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