What is your Vise?

I use a vosseler most of the time. I also have a Renzetti Traveler and 2 old Thompaons. I have both the heads for the Vosseler. Use the Renezetti when I put on demos.
I have two Regals and I don't agree. Original jaws were fragil/brittle, easily broken. Life time guarantee got me a nasty letter alleging that it was all my fault. After explaining I wanted to tie midge size flies I was directed to buy midge jaws. I did, but rather than recieve jaws that could be swapped with "regular" jaws I recieved an C-clamp regal with midge vise attached. I soon found out the "midge" set-up was not in any way interchangeable with my original regal. Fly shop (Puger sound) said I had to deal directly with regal. That was more than five years ago and I have yet to hear fron regal engineers . I have a Price an thoughht I was upgrading when I bought Regal....Not the first mistake I've made.Duane J
When I first started tying flies a friend made a vise. He was a welder and machinist. Used it since 1974. Tied thousands of flies on it. It works very well, is a little slow and doesn't rotate but it works for me. I can tie as small as a size 20 and as large as a size 4 steelhead fly. It works for me and I'm too tight to spend money on a different vise.

Rob Ast

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I use a Peak and have both optional jaws (midge and saltwater). It is very sturdily made and usually works quite well. Sometimes it just won't hold a particular hook tightly, and often needs slight adjusting between flies even when tying on hooks from the same package .

Dr Bob

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Beer, donuts and flyfishing! :rofl:

Oh, you mean fly tying vise!!! A Norvise, same as Mumbles. Also, since I tye some flies for Old Man, put him down as a Norvise cause his flies are tyed on it too.

Dr Bob :beer1:
You can't mess with the classics, I use a my dad's Thompson A vice that is over 50 years old and love it. It is functional, and every time I use it brings feeling of nostalgia .

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