What is your Vise?


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I have a couple of Griffins, a Thompson something or other and I used to have a Regal knock off which I gave away to someone who gave it away to someone else who should give it to someone else. May be some other old vises out in the garage also.
I got a Zephyr E-Z vise and I'm not proud of it. But for the benefit of readers looking for a cheap rotary vise, I'm publicly admitting it. It's a real rotary, it holds a hook, and did I mention it's cheap?

However, there is no place to rest the heel of your materials-holding hand, so it's a bit awkward to correctly position hackles, etc., for tie-down. My left hand comes in parallel to the axle, instead of from a 45 degree angle, which puts my index knuckle in the way of the wrap.

Also, I have to crank on the tiny knobs to get the jaws to hold a hook, which is fine, until I want them to let go of the hook.

That all said, it works well enough for the amount of tying I do. And I sure dig the rotary aspect.
I tied with a Universal for years ('65 to '75) Renzetti Traveler for about 18, nice vice. Picked up a Nor Vice which I really loved. Tied for the last year on a Law and it's head and shoulders above the rest for quality. Tie on it exclusively now. By the way I have a writ up on vices on my blog here.

Here's one nobody has seen before--a vise made from needle nose pliers by South African
blacksmith Tiaan Burger. You clamp a 2/0 salt water hook in this thing and then bend the hook,
without anything slipping in the jaws.

I've been tying on a Peak I bought here a few months ago. I'm very happy with it. Before that I tied on a Danvice, also a good vice but aesthetically unappealing.

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