Washington Fly Fishing Club Beginning Fly Tying Class

Richard E

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Papafish, I will donate anything I have to help kid's get into fly fishing(or have you forgotten who sent you the Alpaca and polor bear) as will as the other tweny two people on this BB and the other one that we both read...
Denny.....If I have what you need let me know( I'm out of blue eared pheasants only had four to donate.) I still have a lot of stuff just ask.
As far as my time, I have been teaching for thirty years off and on as will as fly casting,never charged. Three hours once a week(0ne hour is for casting) at our local fair grounds,During the summer Also donated five fly rods(one was a Sage) and three reels.....Try it Denny you may like helping people get started....Thats all I have say.....Joz
Good for you! All of it: your willing to donate items, donating rods, and giving people casting and tying instruction.

Your wrote: "I will donate anything I have to help kid's get into fly fishing". Please send me your contact information and I can forward it on to the instructors teaching the tying class. I'm sure the students and the instructors will appreciate anything that you can contribute. I'll give everyone feedback here on how you help . . .

I also enjoy getting people started, and do so frequently. :thumb:

Ed Call

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Washington Fly Fishing Club will be holding a beginning fly tying class starting Thursday, January 7, 2010 and will run for 6 weeks. Cost is $45 and registration is required. Call Bob at 206-542-4623 or Jim at 253-395-8722 to register.
Back on topic? A class is being offered at a pretty fair price for quality instruction for beginners. No need to say much more than if you want to learn to tie look into this or another entry level fly tying course. Check all other baggage at the door.


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From personal experience, please be WARNED! In 1971 I took the fly tying class offered by the WFFC. And then the fly casting class at Green Lake offered in the spring. Totally changed my life by making a fly fisherman of me and ruined any and all prospects of every leading a useful and productive existance. I ate, drank, slept, studied, and practiced fly fishing. Year 'round. Gave up hunting so I could fly fish more. I may have discovered a cure for cancer, or at least become a bright young surgeon, or architect, or engineer. Instead I became a fly fisherman and had to become a fisheries biologist to support my habit.


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