Teardrop Trailer


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Thought about that myself Mike. I think that's a great way to go and save a little gas money. You might have to show me your project sometime.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I won't use one. Mostly since I'm always towing a boat of some sort. So have my Alaskans on my truck. BUT, I do have a cooking website I go to that is partnered up with a teardrop collectors and builders. If you want the link, let me know. I like the camp cook side. So I never go over to the tear drop side (two different sites). They are neat little trailers, but way underkill for this kid. LOL.


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There's guys on eBay that sells plans for these campers... The teardrops are nice, but for my use I like this little one that's tall enough to stand in.

Add some paint or an aluminum covering and it would be a fine fishing rig.
Someone in K_Falls Oregon restores old Airstreams, teardrops and '40's thru early '60s trailers. There are a few (3) at the RV Park I stay in on the Trinity in Lewiston. I'll see if I can get the name of the company when I go up this Friday. They are some sweet units, albeit a bit small and primitive for my old bones. I like that shower at the end of the day.

Ed Call

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Doc, great looking trailer there, fantastic work. What trailer platform did you build it on? Are you ready to build me a utility trailer for my two man pontoon? I'll gladly row you around on a river or in an estuary next time one familiar to us is filled with fish.
Hi Ed, I went to Harbor Freight and got their largest 4 x 8 trailer frame. I started by boltng it all together then built the TD on that frame. Took me about 8 weeks to "get ur done". I suspect you need something a little larger to handle two toons.

Mike that is way bigger than the teardrops trailers I have seen. That is like a mansion next to the one my sister in law has. It has room for two to sleep and the cooking set-up outside in a rear lift up.
It looks great have fun.
jesse clark

David Loy

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I like the teardrops I've seen and am smitten with the idea. Have a large (& a small) Parawing tarp as the outdoor lounge so a teardrop sleepy cave with a chef's trunk would be a perfect complement. Except for when I drag the DB along.

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