Morning on the Skagit


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This morning, I met flybill. AKA Bill Zytkowicz, on the Skagit. I haven't been able to fish for a couple weeks due to the catching of my yearly doozy of a cold. I dealt with the cold fingers and frozen toes but it was the Hoyo Monterey that killed my sore throat.



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Dang, now they know who I am! :clown:

It was a great day, despite the cold. Water was crystal clear and we fished some awesome water! I'm still thawing out, but glad to get out and have the change to spend some time on the water w/ ya Leland!

I spent Monday up on the Sauk w/ a couple of other WFFer's (Ian and Evan), and despite me spoiling their water and lowholing them, they both managed to land some beautiful dollies! :thumb:

I did manage to catch and release a fair number of nice stoggies over the two days though! :cool:

Gonna thaw out tomorrow and maybe hit a local "S" river on Thursday and Friday.


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