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Ok, you are planning to go fishing for @#$%@#$^ next week, next month, or next year. You will probably stay close to home (this post is for the NW folks) or within a day’s drive of home. What sites do you get information from to plan your trip? I’d like to build a little NW data base on where to look for “fishing” accommodations, run forecasts, maps, river conditions, history and such.
A few well known that I use are Craig’s List for a place to stay and also Washington & Oregon DNR for campsites. Also like current and past articles in the Oregonian

Where do you go?

Happy New Year
I’d like to build a little NW data base on where to look for “fishing” accommodations, run forecasts, maps, river conditions, history and such.

Happy New Year to you too John.
As you can see on this site it's still a "work in progress" and Chris is letting us input our suggestions.

You have some good ideas here and i'm sure you're more than welcome to put them on.

Give it a go!



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1) WDFW website for emergency rule changes.
2) USGS website for stream flows if applicable.
3) for tide data.
4) Weather for 10-day forecast. Pay special attention to barometer when heading to E. WA.
5) Washington State Parks for camping info.

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I used to just manly use my brain. If the weathers is bad where I'm planning to go I just stay at home. Or go someplace else.

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It all starts here.
Fishing the salt or tidal influenced mouth of a river?
Need more general info? Here is a link to links you should find useful.
Find the local shop here, then make a call to get close to the location information.
Weather matters.
River flows are essential and the more you know about normal conditions there the more this will help.
Need a shuttle because you're carpooling with your pal?
What are others saying about fishing the "_________"?

The list goes on but my simple point is that once I stumbled upon this site as I retired the first time I was impressed. So much information from such a wide member base covering a diverse set of fisheries all in one place. Since that point in time Chris has done nothing short of exponentially increase information (which he seems to continue to do relentlessly on a daily basis) and ease of access to that information. There are lots of great ways to get your information to plan the perfect trip to a familiar or new place. For me it all starts here. Keeping quality maps close and noting locations you have had success and lack thereof, a journal of every outing, conditions, techniques attempted, flies tried (failed and successful) and you've augmented references with recorded data that will prove most helpful. Best of luck. Let us know how your trips go with killer reports for those of us who pass the long gaps between our own outings through the reports of others.

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