What do you use to attach hook to articulated fly?

tying up some articulated winter steel flies and ran out of firewire for the trailer hook. Just wondering what y'all use in lieu of that. Tried backing but it is very flimsy and tried thicker butt section material but it is VERY rigid and makes the hook sit funny! Any input as to what I can use out of the fishing pack (tippet etc) or off the fly tying table would be appreciated!

thanks and nor cal chrome report to come this weekend!


Ed Call

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I normally use Power Pro from 30# up to 65# depending on the size of hooks to be attached. That being said it is what I have on my bench and you may not since you use the fire wire. When I've done some flies on shanks or cotter pins I have used peices of 17# monofilament that I have for leader building and other projects. I find the mono holds the hooks out firmly but the diameter of the material makes passing it through hook eyes like one would the fire wire or power pro more of a challenge. If you have some heavy-ish mono that you can tie in without passing it through your lead hook eye that could do the trick, be fairly abrasion resistant, hold the hook out and even allow hook changes if the stinger hook eye to mono diameter is a good match.
I like to use red Amnesia for almost all my extended hooks for salt use such as on Miyawaki poppers and extended body Clousers I like the addition of a blood line color I use 20 Lb, But 15 Lb works well for small hooks I have found it to be strong, abrasion resistant and just stiff enough for my liking.