An Afternoon of SRC Madness-Hood Canal

Richard E

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Larry, those are some quality fish! Beauties. A buddy of mine and I hit the South Sound yesterday, fishing from my little boat, and we were able to only scrounge up a couple of cutts and a couple of wee coho. We had to leave before the tide got movoing well in the late afternoon . . .


"Chasing Riseforms"
Tuesday Morning SRC Madness Update:

I decided to go get rid of the itch again, but went to a different beach again this morning. I hit the beach at about 9:30 as the tide was turning to come in. The beaches were off color this morning, but what the heck, I was there. Nothing was going on and I finally got a hook up with a very nice 16" male that jumped 5 times. It didn't give up for a good time. Quite a strong fish. I don't know how to tell a pre-spawn fish from a post spawner, but it was colored a bit and a strong fish. I got tired of the off color water and left after two hours but was satisfied for another day. The itch left! View attachment 28155


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Hit up one south sound beach and one Hood Canal beach with nothing to show for the efforts... I'm thinking just not enough tide change in the mornings this week - it seemed awfully still out there. I found a couple nice access spots, but are there fish? TBD! HC still has some off-color water puking out of the creek/river mouths.

Bob Jones

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'HEy Larry I'm impressed by the fish and the water, I'm sure you impressed Leland with that nice reel showing there too, I need to look you up one of these days.You guys from up there on the canal or near it do have some nice water and country. happy fishing, Bob

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