Flat Bed Trailer?

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13" is the absolute smallest size wheel to consider, and the smaller the wheel, the more you should spend on tires and bearings. I forget how much faster a tire spins for each inch decreased in wheel size, but it's a bunch.
Are 13" wheels big enough for longer trips? !
I just went outside and checked my motorboat trailer. It has 13" wheels, and carries a 15' Whaler, with a 60 horse motor, two batteries and 15 gallons of gas. It probably weighs 1500 lbs. I keep the bearings lubed, and use 6 ply tires inflated to around 50 psi, but I'd tow that to Mexico tomorrow, so on a raft trailer, 13" is gold, as long as you have clearance on the ramps.
I have a shorelander boat trailer that I picked up from the dealership I worked at years ago. I removed the bunks removed the bow stand and added 3" box tubing across the frame. decked it with 3/4" plywood coated in epoxy and undercoating on the bottom. added a old truck bed mounted tool box to the front end. will carry many pontoons and has made hundreds of trips across the mountains. it is rated for 1800lbs. has 12" tires and buddy bearings. have replaced tires once. have maybe 500 bucks into it including purchace. now granted the trailer was considered a total when I bought it. Other wise the price would have been alot more. but it serves me well.

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You won't be disappointed with the quailty of workmanship on Micah's trailers. It took me about 5 different manufacturers and all the things I didn't like to end up with the design of the trailer Micah now builds. Keep in mind he can build pretty much anything you want i.e. longer, wider, taller sides, removeable sides, larger tires (not suggested), box on the front, etc.

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13" is the absolute smallest size wheel to consider, and the smaller the wheel, the more you should spend on tires and bearings. I forget how much faster a tire spins for each inch decreased in wheel size, but it's a bunch.
It's definitely a bunch. Here's a cautionary about why you want to keep those bearings services.

My wife's uncle is old and set in his ways. He lives in rural southern Idaho and enjoys trailering his 4-wheeler out to some of the remote desert areas to blast around. One hot August late afternoon several years back, he was coming back from a 100 or so mile trip with three 4-wheelers on the trailer when he noticed sparks in his outside rear view mirror. They were less than a half hour from home so he decided to motor on and check the sparks out when they arrived. In the next ten minutes, some sparks turned into a cascade of sparks so he grudgingly pulled off to find that the left side wheel bearing had seized (it hadn't been serviced since he bought the trailer used several years before). That caused his tire to delaminate and quickly detach from the rim so the trailer was riding on the rim on that one side, causing the sparks.

Now you'd think that most folks would feel the tire first going flat, quickly detaching the from rim and the trailer pulling to one side. Or the approaching cars flashing their lights. But no, not uncle.

As he got out to survey the smoking damage on the left side of the trailer, he saw a fire truck with sirens on approaching from the direction of his little hometown. It passed, stopping several miles down the road where a small plume of smoke was rising beside the road. Shortly afterwards, as he was loudly cursing his luck while detaching the trailer, a sheriff's cruiser pulled up and started asking questions.

The dots were quickly connected and uncle ended up being cited for several vehicular infractions and for inadvertently causing the roadside fire. Adding injury to insult, he was ultimately presented with a bill for a couple thousand dollars for the cost of the fire truck and crew to put out the brush fire his sparks has caused, which had quickly spread in the tinder-dry grass and ended up scorching a couple acres.

The moral of this story? Take care of your trailer bearings, especially if it's got little wheels that spin faster than those on the vehicle that's towing it.


My next door neighbour has an old boat trailer that he used haul a 14' aluminum boat on . The boat is gone and you could get the trailer for free and modify it fit whatever you wanted. Is a lightweight trailer.
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