2010 Big Brown Contest

Beauchamp, As the self proclaimed shittiest fisherman on this site, can I at least be the official judge / bouncer? I will grow a roadhouse mullet and wear only cut-off tees.


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I want to congratulate Stratocaster on his jumbo brown. It's good to see someone walkin' instead of just talkin'. Very nice fish!!!

--Dave E.
Thanks Sean!

Don't expect I'll be in the lead for long - there are many more skillful fishers around here. It was just a thrill to bring in a personal best. That brown took my line out into the lake like it was going for a Sunday stroll. Great fun!

By the way, he was safely released, of course. With my handy measuring tape sewn into the seam of the net, I didn't have to touch him at all (I obtained his weight by weighing him in the net, then subtracting the weight of the wet net directly afterwards).

He was a respectable beast. I shall name him, "Herman".