Methow Steelhead

I was wondering if anyone had any new info on the Methow. Was fishing it a few weeks back and was talking to a fish and wildlife guy. He said they were mostly going to close the river due to the kill rate of the fish. I have seen that people are still fishing it. Any news on that closure. I was also wondering if anyone has been fishing it lately. I would imagine by now the fish will be more spread out throught the river. Love to hear how the fishing has been lately.

Hey Whatitis.

I've never fished her but she sure is a beauty from what I could see along the road. I think people might be a little tight lipped about her so don't get discouraged if you get few or no replies. She's been ailing and I think WDFW is quite nervous about her future.
Bob, the Man, I Wish I Owned That Sucker.:beer2
First, a disclaimer. Despite my signon name, I'm a wetsider. The reference is to my desire to live in that beautiful valley when I retire, not to any expertise in fishing the river that bears its name.

My understanding is that the proposed closure was for the first mile of river above the slackwater. While it may have been an appropriate closure a couple of weeks ago, the great bunch of fish that was stacked up in the lower drifts has now dispersed throughout the river.

Your best bet now is to pick a warm day, and find likely holding water from Twisp on down. In fact, some fish may be above Twisp by now. I fished between Twisp and Carlton on Friday morning, and landed two of three fish hooked in very typical steelhead water. The water was clear, but still a foot or more above normal fall levels, thus flowing pretty hard.

Enjoy and protect that wonderful resource.
I was there from the 22nd to the 28th.
There were about six fish a day that were cought between
12 to 20 anglers and 3 hatchery fish out of that total.
I believe the reason for this was the high water which
either sucked the fish up the river past Pateros or
scattered them out in the lake.
I went up the river also and the river was high and muddy.
also went up to the Okanogan and it was even worse,dumping trees and mud.Above the dam you could see the mud every where.
By the time I left on the 28th the river was dropping
and becomming clear again.
I think your best bet for the Methow would be this week
from Twisp on down.
A report I received yesterday from friends whom I camped with said it starting to pick up and fish were showing
in the Columbia at Pateros
I was up there this weekend. I caught one up high by Winthrop and another down low near the mouth. With the high water, around 1200cfs (it was @ 300cfs a couple weeks ago) the fish are much more spread out. I had to work alot of water for these fish. We talked to a WDFW fish counter and he said that the river is already at the 30% of the alotted mortality rate for the hatchery run. He also said that the NMF/NOAA fish guys were concerned with the catch and release impact at and near the mouth after counting 67 anglers at first light on or near opening weekend. As for the closure of the mouth. I know that some of the Methow fly club guys suggested that change, perhaps it will be followed. There is a meeting this coming Friday at the Pateros High School discussing the Upper Columbia fishery. From folks that I talked to, there is a feeling that there very well might be a early season closure. Hope this helps.

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