fujifilm info??

hey there! im a newb with camera's and i got a fujifilm finepix z33WP for christmas,
its 10mega pixels, 3x optical zoom with a 2.7 inch lcd screen. and is waterproof up to three meters
just wondering if any of you guys have used this camera at all and how waterproof it really is haha thanks a ton!


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Zack. I have not used that camera, but have owned 2 Fuji's. I liked them. I think they focus faster than other digital cameras. I drowned both of my old Fuji's so ended up buying an Olympus waterproof. Anyway, just wanted to say I think they are good little cameras for the price.
Thanks for the info larry! this one is a "waterproof" camera but im not too sure on how waterproof it is haha im kinda holding back on getting some of those cool underwater shots!

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