Pattern Summer Steel Flies

Big E

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Tied up some summer steelhead flies. All are first time ties. Done with two sets and working a third.

Top L to R: Stillaguamish Sunrise, Admiral Hairwing, Purple Peril
Bottom L to R: Silver Hilton, Freight Train, Skykomish Sunrise

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E.... What is that bottom middle fly.. I have begun to recently study Steelhead. Never fished for them yet. I dig that pattern!!! Chris

Ed Call

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Leland, mind sharing the when and how of fishing FAT? Do you fish them in summer because of their smaller yet fat profile, winter down deep, all of the above? I am printing your photo right now. Fat is good!

Big E

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Hatch....bottom middle is a pattern called a Freight Train.

Beautiful set of flies me something to aspire to.


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The Freight Train has been my favorite steelhead pattern ever since I first saw it. I have tied it in so many different permutations. (Randall Kaufmann had a good chuckle when I told him what I had been doing). I even tied five of them last night before I spoke at the Overlake FF Club meeting which they raffled away later in the evening.

My latest Freight Train is in my "Fat Family" of flies. The hooks are 1/0 Gammy "Split Shot Drop Shot." The size fly is #10. You gotta love tying big flies in miniature.

A few of my friends use them as a "closer" for summer steelhead. I use them all the time except when I go dry with Mike Sturza's Steelhead Muddler, which he ties on the same hook. In fact, the first time I saw the hook was at Mike's "Lost Creek Fly Shop" down in Onalaska.


As for winter fish, the jury is still out on the Fat Flies. I have been using the Fat Brat in low clear water when I'm the first through. I'll try to close with it the next time I get a pluck.