Another tough day with the birds

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Went to chase the waterfowl today. It was very tough hunting, I guess the birds are tired of being shot at. We killed four pintails and two teal in the first 15 minutes of shooting and spent the next four and a half hours watching flock after flock of pintails work beyond the outer edge of the pool. None of the pintail worked the decoys. We saw several more flocks of teal and none of them worked the decoys either. It was great to see the birds, though. Ten minutes before we were going to quit I made a really nice shot on a teal screaming in from behind and going away. My partner then drops it's wingman with a shot that totally punked mine. Just an incredible shot. The bag at the end was eight birds (six drakes, two hens) and a memory of a really incredible shot. We then went to a friend's house to hear a presentation on plains game hunting in South Africa. It would be a great adventure to go but too rich for my blood. Got home in time to watch the Saints win their game. Great day.

Photos are pintails landing out and my partner and his amazing teal.