Scadden Outlaw Renegade-will I have to sleep on it in the Garage is the question?

Bob Nix

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So after a day at the Sportsman show in Puyallup I took the plunge. I ordered the Outlaw Renegade from North Fork Outfitters (Scadden Design) this afternoon from Bruce at the show. Man I hope it is as good too me as what I watch and read about Dave's boats. I may have to sleep out in the garage on it for awhile till my wife gets over the cost. I am just one hell of a big guy and this pontoon should take me anywhere I want to go. Now I need to wait 3 weeks or so and then I get to hit the lakes and rivers. Thenice thing is that I can put it in the back of the Honda and be ready. Well if any of you have one of his boats I sure would like to know that I made a great choice, oh and maybe borrow a blanket, for its cold in the garage. Off to the grande Ronde tomorrow, please oh please let it be a great weekend so that I can catch my first Steelhead on the Spey.

Ed Call

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There is some watercraft, spey fishing and steelhead excitement in this post. Hope all goes well and the time spent in the garage is minimal but comfortable. Congratulations, let us see that GR fishing report!

Jim Wallace

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Thanks for the warning, bcnix00. I have to watch my spending. I will avoid the Puyallup Sportsman's Show, as a harsh measure necessary to prevent any chinks in my armor from being exploited.:clown:

Brian White

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Scadden boats are very nice - I have one and I think you are going to like yours. The Renegade looks cool, and great news - if you have to sleep in the garage maybe you'll be able to see your Renegade from your spot on the garage floor. Then you can at least have sweet dreams.....

Craig Schulz

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Hello bcnix00,

I was there Thursday night and it took everything I had to walk out that night. Needless to say I woke up this morning and ended up going back, couple weeks and I too will have one. Can't wait to get out with it and see just how good it is.

I almost pulled the trigger on one of those...congrats and hope your garage is heated.
Yeah, a heated garage helps when you want to make love to it.
You could always do what I did; wanted a 2-man like the McKenzie Drifter and showed it to her, she said "Hell no! I want my own." So I got 2 Sky's. It's only money and I got a partner.

Bill Aubrey

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I have the perfect solution for you. It'll save your marriage and you won't be in the garage. Keep it in my garage. I'll take REA: good care of it.

Bob Nix

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Well it is on order. I don't even have to sleep in the garage. My wife is way cool. Although I do see a lot more clothes and craft stuff in the house since I returned from the Grande Ronde. The Ronde did me no favors this time. I hope to figure this out someday. It was great down there though. Saw 6 fish caught from Gear guys and one was my bro-in-law. Going back down a few times before April is the plan. Maybe have my Renegade by the time I hit the water again. Thursday on the Sky and I will see if I can get lucky.
Keep us up to date - sounds like a great boat. I am considering a pontoon boat for the Yak, and after reading your post yesterday looked at the NFO website and watched the videos. The Renegade looks really tempting.

Rick Todd

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My brother ordered the Avenger XX from the show. I have a McKenzie Drifter and I have nothing but good things to say about it. The cool thing about the Avenger is that you can go frameless as a large one man boat, with the ability to stand and cast on the inflated deck, or you can put the two man frame on it and it is just like my McKenzie-very cool design as are all the Scadden boats-you will love yours! Rick

Bob Nix

too much stuff to know
The BOAT is here! Wow that was quick. "shoot it is the wrong color". So these are the emotions of todays delivery. Besides the wrong color there is no pump or seat in the package that arrived. It will take a couple weeks to get the red one and the seat and pump but I can wait. It's just a good excuse to stay off the cold water for now.