Anchor System for River/Lake Boat


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I'm looking for some input on an anchor system on the bow of my 15' aluminum all purpose boat to use in rivers, salt, and lakes. The ideal setup would be something I could quickly release as soon as the motor is killed.

I've heard bad things about the "can" setups with noise and such, but it seems like a safe way to hold the anchor when going from spot to spot. Another option is to let the anchor hang below a pulley, using an anchor cleat and a dock cleat to hold the rope in place, but not sure if that is the safest idea. I'm curious what you guys with river sleds are using?

My 30# pyramid anchor form my drift boat could be used for rivers and I may end up getting one of the rocking chair type anchors for everything else.


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There is a flat pad on the bow, where I would likely mount this. I was looking at the LeeLock components and they seem pretty solid. Just can't decide between the roller/lock setup or the can style. Not so sure about the "can" setup, but I don't know if I like the idea of having an anchor dangling from the bow when I'm running up a river at 20mph.

The dierks mount looks solid but I'm not sure if it would work on my boat.
You can get a can system that won't bang around. Take a look at the systems from Wooldridge Jet Boats . Thy have one that slips into a holder so you can run the river.
I use the LeeLock system on my sled and it works great. (19 footer)
I took a look at the electric winch system that was referred to here and think it is pretty cool. The only drawback I see is the web page said it only handles 50 feet of line.
Or is it that they sell 50' of line with it?

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