Guideline Power Taper DDC Connect

I've now spent over a dozen or so hours on the water with the Guideline Power Taper DDC and find it easy to cast and it fishes very well. When comparing a skagit set up on the same run, the DDC intermediate head gets down deeper with a lighter head and swings a good 30% slower. One of the best things I like about it is the connection I feel to the fly.

So what are your experience or comments about this line?

By the way Shotgunner thanks for turning me on to this line.



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I have a DDC Connect and really like it for the same reasons you mentioned. I have mine tuned to be used at shorter distances and in tighter quarters.
Of course, fullsinks can be a bit of a pain on the lift, but once you get her out it's cookin'.
They are very very versatile.
I feel the same about mine - both of them!

I think a lot of people are freaked by the idea of customizing the line i.e. cut it to length and weight, as opposed to buying a line that is (supposedly) already optimized for your rod off the shelf. I know I was. Bbut this is really one of the strengths of the line. You decide what weight and length you need for your rod and your fishing.

I like the 2 I have very much and them more than Skagit heads these days. The Skagit heads still have a place.
I agree it' just another tool and I don' throw away tools... Kinda like wormdrive VS sidewinder, I don't use the sidewinder often but at times it's the right tool for the task at hand.


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Kristin, I understand Guideline is offering the bellies alone this year too. I'm thinking about upping length and weight.
Yes - we hear they are coming out with head only this year. Not sure on the timing into the US... I'll check with Sandy & let you know what i find out.
I'm a huge fan of the DDC !! I have them in Floating , Intermediate and Hover with tips down to S3/S4 , in 8/9 through to 10/11(the floater and the hover versions were made from PT heads) . I've tuned a set each for fishing small and delicate and another set each for fishing big and bulky . The most versitile system I have found and I never head to the river without them . Thanks to Jack and Peter for introducing me to them .... swinging with two-hands would have never been the same .....



Hey Kristen...Your shop has hooked me up on my ddc, I have a floating and intermediate and couldn't agree more about pleasure to fish and in the zone size with smaller rods can be about the only hang up but the same holds true for the skagits at that size too...

They have a link on their webpage that you can put in your desired length or weight and it will tell you what line to cut at each...I found going with a heavier line and cutting it shorter will make for powerful casts and decent sized flies...

I am in need of another one here now...gotta call you Kristen...p.s. the hat was cool too (irish lid)



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Eric, yes trim from rear of head. For tuning & temporary use a perfection loop in the core works fine. Finished loop when final.

Guideline also now offers heads as 'ready to go' with finished loops in two lengths per line class:;pagesize=12

There have been rumblings of the Connect kits being offered with a 'sink 2' density belly. Could be an interesting system.. I really like the S2/3 full heads on our bigger waters.
There have been rumblings of the Connect kits being offered with a 'sink 2' density belly. Could be an interesting system.. I really like the S2/3 full heads on our bigger waters.
I see that you can purchase just the "belly" portions now for the DDC's . Jack has also listed a 2/3 version .... oh happy day !!

Eric , you can make loops by using the "welding" technique or I have a method that I use to make loops on all my lines . Let me know and I can post a step-by-step if you would like .


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