Rx8 or rx8+ for 6 wt

Can someone describe the differences between the actions on these blanks. I am lhaving a 6 wt streamer rod built and would like some input. Thanks in advance.
The RX8 XF is one of the fastest blanks on the market. If you are just looking to make a bad ass streamer rod I would go with this blank over the RX8+. The only thing I wish you could get is the RX8 XF in a 9'6" blank. If you are looking for a all around blank with a lot of feel that still is a kick ass streamer rod I would go with the RX8+. For the 129.00 price point vs 234.00 I think the RX8 xf is the better buy.
i have the RX-8 XF in a 6wt that tyler built for me and the thing is so money. from big foam dries to coneheaded streamers its my go to stick. i highly recommend!
You can get them in 9' 6". In fact you can get them for about 50% off right now on Hook and Hackle. I bought two 7 weight blanks this winter from them, the RX 8 and the RX 8+. I have to say I liked them both. The RX 8+ is a slightly stiffer and faster rod. Either one would be a good choice.

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