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This 12' Koffler pram is a very interesting boat. Does anyone have experience with it for close to shore saltwater work? Or...with a small gas kicker, like a 4HP Honda? Lokks like a boat that can easily be dragged up on a beach. Any input is appreaciated. Thanks!


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yes, I've done it with my 10' Koff and 5 HP honda 4 stroke. Its a bit undergunned and you can't get on plane, but its ok for near shore work. An 8 or even 10 hp 2 stroke would be a better choice for the 12' boat.


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Jcalderon - my boat is the 10 ft. model. I have not used it with a gas motor.

Glen - I've put my boat in the sound many times with no problems. It is easy to drag around at 140 pnds.
Thanks for the replies on the Koffler on saltwater use question. One more question, do your boat have transom notches (cut outs) for the motor. I'll be headed down to Albany, OR for the FFF Fly show in March and I am thinking to order one now that I can pick up during my visit, as Eugene is not far past Albany.

Again, many thanks! Glenn
Glenn, I just ordered my 12' koffler today. Got the wide back option and the motor wedge, Not the notched transom. I will have to run a long shaft motor, but it should all work fine.
Yes, I just ordered a 12' pram from Joe today also. Just working out a few details on the option with him now. I am not geting the notched transom either. I may need to upgrade motors. Thanks for everyone's help. Regards, Glenn


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Jesse, I remembered why I thought the short shaft would be ok as I had the transom notch in my boat which was more ideal for the short shaft. I ended up keeping the filler plate and mounted my LS on that, which was a bit softer than I liked. I would NOT recommend that, and the motor wedge would add more stability for an outboard. You guys will have a couple of nice boats, I want to see pics.
Danm glen. Im jealous, I actually had to bail on mine due to a tax mishap. (ended up owing money) Embarasing deal, and with a baby on the way, we cant swing the new boat. I am looking forward to seeing yours on the water.
Yes, Joe Koffler mentioned this to me yesterday. Bummer. I should pick up mine on about March 1. I'll send some photos to you. Joe has been a pleasure to work with. Glenn

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