Anderson or Burkheimer

I have a custom 10' beach rod by KB. Great summer steelhead stick too! I also have 2 spey rods from KB. I own maybe 10 other rods but fish the Burkheimers 99% of the time. Highly recommended IMHO
I have a rod from each of these gentlemen . The Burkie is a spey , and the Anderson is a 3 weight spey that converts to a 4 weight single hander . These two (3?) rods just happen to be the only rods I own that I won`t give up . The workmanship is impeccable by both craftsmen . I don`t think you can go wrong with either .
I have a Burkie 389. It's a great all-round trout rod for smaller rivers. I'll probably pick up a 489-DAL this Spring to cover bigger rivers and more wind. Their single-handers are excellent rods in my opinion.

How long of a 6wt are you looking for, and what are you goign to use it for? Salt or fresh water? Streamers, drys, all around? I might be able to point you in the right direction if I know a little more what you are looking for.
9'6 and I'm after big trout, coho and bonefish. The rod will replace a 9'6 BIIX which will go to my wife. A similar action rod would be prefered. i'm even considering just getting a rod built on the BIIX blank.
This is an interesting thread. I have never personally cast an ACR wrapped rod, but I have cast just about every recent 5 weight blank that would be the base for an ACR. Gary doesn't build rods, he wraps them. Beautiful craftsmanship to say the least and very highly regarded. Kerry Burkheimer on the other hand designs and manufactures the rods he sells from the fiber up. A dsitinct difference and worth consideration. I have two Burkies, I suspect before I die they will have a few more CFB sticks in the quiver to keep them company. My .02 cents.
Thanks guys. Ordered a 9'5 6 weight today. The rod will have the standard blank on the bottom end and the deep load blank on the top. It should cast similar to the BIIX that I will handing over to the wife. Can't wait!
Unless things have changed Kerry doesn't wrap the rods, that gets farmed out ( or used to). Not a big deal the work is quality and I love my burkies
Oh yes he does .... unless there's been a recent major change. Been to his 'plant' in Washougle and got the 'cook's tour.' Both fellows design their own rods, but Burkie has the abillity to roll and build from the drawing design up to the final product. Can't remember who makes Gary's blanks, but he indeed does design his own (as does Bob Meiser).
I do have Kerry's 9'5" wt.6 ( 695-4). After casting the mock-up shortly after the blank was designed a few years ago, I have asked him to soften the lower half and this is a great rod for the large Alaskan Rainbows. He actually have 3 or 4 versions of this rod and the fastest most suitable for salt water fishing. I think the mine version had become later so call DAL ( Deep action load). It is still quite fast rod , but not stiff, with lots of so call Burkie fell.
The rod cast very well wt.7 line and for light loading wt.6

For those who want trout rod for larger lower 48 waters, I recommend to test 9'5" 4/5/6 which is more of a 5/6 rod , great with wt. 5 and 6 lines, but will take DT wt.4. The best rout rod I fish with, including Winston, Sade rods made during the last 10 years.
Originally Posted by floatinghat
Unless things have changed Kerry doesn't wrap the rods, that gets farmed out ( or used to). Not a big deal the work is quality and I love my burkies

You are so wrong Sir. Kerry has 5 associates working in his shop , some has been with him for years. Except obvious items like reels seats ( still Kerry's design) , cork, raw graphite, guides etc. all operations, blanks, wood inserts are manufactured in the shop. In the recent few years, Kerry himself has been focused on the development of new rods ( look how many new DH and SH there is listed on his website : ), not to mention that many of the rods he can made in modified versions according to a customer sepc.
Recently he has been working on two trout, short spey rod in 11-12' range, and I expect these two rods to become a new benchmark for Trout spey rods.

I own 4 DH spey rods and 3 SH made by Burkheimer and looking forward to add a Trout Spey rod which cast short 29' scando head in 280- 300 gr and 40-45' head in 330-340 gr range

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