Interesting article on restoring salmon runs in eastern Washington

Upton O

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I don't know the accuracy of the numbers, I don't know the politics. I also don't know much about managing salmonids. I did find this to be an interesting article and the little bits of information I have gathered indicates some changes in salmon numbers. Given recent threads regarding salmon movement and management, I'm hoping some forum members can share their knowledge and experience in terms of these reported improvements in salmon runs.

My home in Yakima in the 1960's was about a mile from Wide Hollow Creek. I fished it a couple of times as a kid and never saw a fish in it. If salmon runs could be restored in it, well, I think it would be a pretty good thing.

Mike Etgen

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There are western Washington folks that could take some lessons from how the Yakama as well as the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla have worked with the local interest groups in their parts of Washington and Oregon to find balanced solutions to salmon recovery efforts. Not perfect, I'm sure, but encouraging.

Good post.

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