TU Colorado XT Pontoon W. WA Dealer? Replacement Parts?

My brother-in-law set me up with his "old" pontoon boat, it is a 9' TU Colorado XT. The only problem is the inflation adapter has been lost. I am looking for a replacement part. I did e-mail Cabelas tech support - but I would rather support a local shop.
I have never used one of these puppies, so if there is a better way of inflating the pontoons I am looking for hints and tips.
I can not wait for October on Chopaka Lk to come.
Thanks, Don
That boat is imported by the company "Classic Accessories" in Kent, WA. While the products they make aren't the greatest, they do have pretty decent customer service. You won't be getting anything for free, but give them a call, and you'll be able to get what you need. Good luck, and just a heads up: if you are ever going to take that boat on moving water, beef up all hardware that you can. At the very least, drill out the holes in the foot pegs and insert springer or similar pins.
Looks like Classic Adventures is a wholesale on outfit. I was able to download a manual for the Colorado PB, found a parts list, looks like the inflation adapter is a Halkey Roberts valve. I did find some local dealers that carry their valves. Still looking for a solid answer. Thank you SO MUCH for the tip, getting that manual is a huge step in the right direction. :)

Ed Call

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I got one such adaptor at my local fly shop. I would recommend calling shops near you and telling them the adaptor you need. I think you'd likely find one that would have one in store. There could be some at big sporting stores too if the local shops don't have what you need. An online search shows lots of sources too, just in case no local sources pan out. Best of luck.
Yep, I am searching many of the sites as we speak (or type). Thank you for the feed back, I really appriciate it. I think I will go see the guys at the Mill Cr. Fly Fishing shop next. I went with pontoon in hand and talked to Mike at Teds. No luck there. DJ
I use a piece of 6" long (7/8th" od, 5/8th" id)automotive heater hose on my dual action (cheap) hand pump. It is a perfect friction fit for the pump hose and the HR valves on my tube and WM. If you are around Redmond I'll give you a 6" piece of it.


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