Hohdown roll call


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I'm doing what I can to hold that weekend open. Jerry's cooking skills are quite the lure. Unfortunately I don't brew beer or any cool stuff like that.



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I tend a campfire pretty well, and if I get an ember down my neck, I'll dance all right! My stories are usually about fish management and put the hard core paritiers to sleep damn quick.

Im having trouble finding where directions and location of this Hoh down. if someone would.. give me that info so that i can attend this gathering. im am a newby at flyfishing and am looking forward in experiencing this memorable event.. thank you


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I'm pretty stoked. My dad is going to be coming with me for a few days. He can chuck line, drink whiskey, and tell lies with the best of them. I haven't been fishing with my pops since I was a wee little fecker.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Just remember one thing guys, I'll be buying up the food, but you need to BYOB (whatever that may be for you). I'll of course get coffee and brew that. Maybe even get some OJ and lots of milk. But cola's, water, and alcohol is BYOB. :) I'm still prepping the menu as we speak. Should be a great week of festivities. :)


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Hey Guys,

Looks like I'm the first casualty. I'll be in the area, but will have the wife with me. I'm out of twon the whole preceeding week, so I didn't feel right about leaving her at her lonesome two weeks in a row.

We might swing by and see if anyone needs medical attention. I'm also going to float the river on Monday (no fishing) to shoot some video with Jim Kerr. Should be a good time.

Hope you guys have a blast!

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