Swap Spring Chironomid-Midge Swap


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Got them Kirk and they look great!
Also have Camo's..awesome!
..so far 3 of 9 are in..
Everyone remember toe tags so when they fly back to you, we know who's are who.


Do it outside!
About half done. Can't wait to see what everyone else tied. BTW, we all know there are flies that also catch fish and fishermen alike. I won't tell you which category mine fit in. :)


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Pfournier..hope they're both categories..
Just got Ron's flies in the mail.
Good looking bloodworm and magic crystal midge. Already know a place I want to try his midge pattern at...


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As of Saturdy, we've so far got 4 of 9 ready to send back out.
Haven't heard much chatter from some of you regarding how yours are coming along.
How's it going?
Deadline's only a week away...


Do it outside!
Wrapped mine up last night. You should have them early this week. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else put together! I'm always looking for new good ideas.
I messed up, I read the description of the swap wrong and tied 16 total of the same pattern, Instead of two patterns 8 each.
I dont know how much time I am going to have to throw together another another pattern before Saturday since I have mid-terms this week.
Would anyone have a problem with receiving 2 sub-par caddis emergers from a beginning tyer? If so i can try and work something out.


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fine with me

reading is hard yall......

I almost sent 8 only until I reread the directions

Steeli you should have 16 from me today

Happy Birthday!


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Kelvin,think your package arrived today...ones in a Gami hook sleave?
No toe tags, but probably yours. I'll tag them up.
I've double counted and looks like 2 nice patterns, but 7 each.
Got to figure out something.... 9 tiers; with 2 patterns - 8 each.
I'll throw in a couple extra flies so everyone at least gets 16 patterns back, but someone else is going to get duplicated.
A little luck also maybe from the post office, a 44 cent stamp usually not enough for larger envelopes.

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