Swap Woolley Bugger Swap - Newbie to Expert Tiers Welcome


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I have one tied and it's perfished and crimped barb

I am tying a Yellow Jacket Woolley Bugger


for Fresh or Salt

I caught 4 rezzies on it this morning


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Yes I caught some Rezzie on it last week
I wanted to make sure it worked before tying it for the swap

It's on a salt water hook

Now I have to sit down and tie

Rob Ast

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Kelvin - that is technically a wooly worm with the short tail. The genius of the wooly bugger was the addition of the floaty marabou tail. Just sayin:)


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My ties should be finished up in a day or two; go ahead and PM the address.
Great trout fly; early/late in the day.
They'll be mailed back by early next week.

Ed Call

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Your choice man, kind of hurts my feelers that you want to mail them to me instead of meeting up somewhere. Not like we live more than 15 miles apart or anything...

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