Bringing a dog along on the trip

Am about to start enjoying more fruits of retirement and am planning an extended road trip fishing this summer and perhaps one in the fall. Have access to a 22' RV but am wondering how it will work if I bring my dog (Griffon) along.

My worry is what to do with the dog while on the river or lake? I've not done this before. I have used the RV in the mountains and parked in the shade it stays comfortable all day. Am not sure this will be true in MT/ID and would like to know if anyone does this and how you handle it.
why can't the dog just go with you while your fishing? griffons are close ranging dogs as far as the pointing breeds go. leaving a dog in a crate during the summer unattended scares the heck out of me.

but if there is no other alternative make sure it has lots of shade, lots of water, and a couple kennel fans for good measure. depending on how hot it is you might want come back every now and then and wet the dog down.

of course if its a real scorcher both you and your dog should be sitting in the river sipping beers during midday instead of fishing.
I think you just pointed out the obvious solution and one I usually practice. Not being English or a mad dog I try to get out of the mid day sun. Quaffing a brew in the shade with Jake would solve a big piece of the puzzle. As far as letting him run loose .... might work but wonder about snakes and him trolling critters ..... especially if he comes to me for backup?
Hey Mike, haven't talked to you in a while. It sounds like you took to the Griff. I'm still a year or two away due to my dogs being in good health. I've just brought my dogs to fish along with me. The Golden want's to help fish, not good, and the Brittany is looking for grouse in the woods, again not good. A Griff will probably will want to do both. However, it sure is nice to have company when you are having such a great time. As mentioned, beware of rattle snakes and rotting salmon. There are some places where you just have to leave them in the car.
I'm taking the Griff with me on the trips and we'll see how it goes. Re snakes, besides avoidance training, which on this side of the mountain would need to do with garter snakes, I just heard about a snake vaccine one can obtain for the dog. I know it is a 2 shot deal but dont know yet if it is a lifetime immunity or good for one year or what.

Good point on the dead salmon too. I've heard from some guys who take the dogs on hunting/fishing trips to ID/MT and my concerns about being a magnet for bear/cat/moose (all who have strolled past my tent in earlier life) seem to be unfounded. ...... we shall see.


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Mike, I don't think it's a good idea, you better bring the dog over to my place and I'll watch him/her. How does Sept. 1st work for you...?

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Summer is tough for taking aa dog to MT-it is really hot over there! If you are at an RV park with hookups, you can leave the dog inside the RV with the A/C on. If you have a boat, often dogs get pretty relaxed in a boat. If you are hiking/fishing, take the dog along and just make sure he doesn't range too far. If willl be a learning process for both of you! Have fun in retirement! Rick
Gee, Sept 1st, that's around grouse season isn't it? Got room for both the dog and me? I dunna how Jake is going to be doing by Sept. Not his fault though. I had only 1/2 knee working last bird season so we limped along logging trails like a pirate carrying a treasure chest on his off peg-leg side.

Jake found and pointed a couple of birds but the grade we were on was about .2% and the birds were gone before I managed to get up where my partner was standing on point.

My plan is to get him into purchased birds this spring/summer and be easy on him during next bird season. I have heard some fantastic stories about bird hunting in MT and some of them occur right where I have personal knowledge a fish or two might live. If we live thru the summer trip I would like to get him someplace where he can search, find, point and do whatever to his heart's content.

To that end, I joined a gym and now can sort of maneuver along on the treadmill at 3 MPH and not look like Quasimoto lurching down an alley. By fall I hope to be able to honor my dog's finds.

So, if with all that history and baggage you still want hunt birds I'll let Jake know and work on him for an invite too.

Just thought, maybe you ought to put that new WM in the rig this summer and the 3 of us can go to MT. If it gets real hot one of us can stay in the shade with the dog, drink beer and pick the other guy (you) up when your float is finished. I only have a 22' RV but it ought to hold 2 men, one dog and 2 cowboy hats.


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I open pheasant season every year in the area around Choteau and the hunting is fantastic. On the rest days (the dogs get tired, not us hunters 8^)) we head south to Craig for some awesome fishing on the Missouri. It just doesn't get any better! Rick

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